Are you a young person or a youth professional? Are you looking to set up workshops to explore issues related to sexuality and intimacy? Are you into radio, and the creation of collective radio shows or podcasts about these issues sounds like an appealing idea to you?

SNAP is the result of our engagement to create informational and educational tools to address issues related to sexuality and intimacy with young adults – in particular through the use of radio broadcast tools. Five associations have come together to explore their expertise and share their experiences in order to develop methodologies and activities that are accessible, free of charge, and available online on the project platform. Over the course of the next two years, our teams will be traveling around Paris and Marseille  in France, Limerick in Ireland and Zrenjanin in Serbia, to consult partners, meet people, and carry out several activities. 

We will develop different toolkits, made up of method sheets and educational videos, that will guide youth groups and youth professionals in creating and implementing activities. Young adults will be able to discover and benefit from the activities carried out during our free, open-to-the-public workshops, organized by each of the project organizations in these three countries (over the course of 75 hours).  The project is organized around five major stages, leading to four toolkits on how to: 

• lead introductory radio workshops and guide groups in the creation of their own radio shows.
• make it easier for participants to speak about sexuality and intimacy through radio activities.
• get a group to create a collective or individual podcast on these topics.
• get young people to turn their podcasts into an artistic creation.

Finally, the last step of the project is the creation of an online platform that will bring together our toolkits, as well as examples of podcasts and radio shows produced by the participants of our workshops.

Our toolkits aim to provide materials and support for:
• associations and activists working with issues related to sexuality
• members of a radio stations willing to share their practices
• professionals and volunteers involved with young people
• young people eager to make their voices heard 

Are you interested in the project?
Would you like to contribute or attend our training sessions?
Drop us a line! You may contact us by e-mail, or message us over our social media page.