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Élan Interculturel is a Paris-based association dedicated to the creation of educational tools in the field of interculturality. Élan encourages the development of intercultural skills, in order to foster dialogue and better mutual understanding. Élan seeks to promote the feeling of openness, welcoming, listening, while deepening the understanding of one’s own identity. For more than 10 years, Élan has been developing informational and educational activities based on storytelling, theater, dance, visual arts, and others. The association provides intercultural training and online resources at

Jouïr is an oral archive documenting, since 2020, what the patriarchy is doing to bodies in France. The participants get together with the same-sex facilitators chosen according to their needs and the topics they wish to address in the workshops to create their own content. The topics revolve around questions of intimacy, gender and sexuality. Concretely, they can speak for example, about resilience after violence, about creation, about romantic relationships, about friendship, about hair, about patriarchy…

To enrich this living archive, J.O.U.Ï.R. organizes focus groups, radio and podcast workshops, workshops that touch on our emotions and several art forms (clown, performance, writing). These training sessions allow one to speak up, to reclaim agency in one’s history, and to create together a history of invisible people. The voices that create these memories are often invisible: women, trans people, black people, people of color, fat people, people with disabilities, anti-speciesist, survivors of sexual violence, feminists, queers, members of the LGBTQIA + communities. This list is not exhaustive, it is the people concerned who will speak best about their history and will constitute this oral memory.

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Wired 99.9FM is a college radio station in Limerick, Ireland. It is a partnership between the Technical University of the Shannon and Mary Immaculate College. It has been in operation since 1995, and since its inception, the station has been committed to policies of equal and open access by encouraging participation, and inclusivity. The station encourages advocacy and activism on the airwaves and encapsulates experimentation, and the freedom of expression. Through its initiatives, organisational structures and policies it has enabled and facilitated access to the airwaves for all students in Limerick. Wired 99FM enriches the lives of the student community of Limerick and serves its community by having a diverse schedule. Limerick students can be defined as a single group, but also a group of communities within a community. Within that group, there is a multitude of variations; gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age group, social class; Wired 99.9FM seeks to represent all groups.

HearSay is a festival in Limerick, Ireland that celebrates sound creation. By offering a unique program of its kind, the festival attracts artists, journalists and spectators from all over the world. The festival also wishes to benefit the inhabitants of the region, in particular by facilitating their access to cultural events offering an international program.

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Skaska is an association based in Serbia, in Zrenjanin, which is particularly dedicated to the creation of education projects for youth. The association runs workshops to deconstruct gender stereotypes and promote equality between men, women and gender minorities. SkaSka is behind the “Golden Bridge” project, which offers sex and emotional life education workshops in schools, a pioneer intiative in the country.