Creating art based off of youngsters’ podcasts

This toolkit will enable you to carry out workshops that deal with a range of artistic mediums, from collage and photomontage to zine making and creative use of sound. This toolkit is designed for use both by those who have seasoned experience with art and creative mediums and those who have never explored those avenues before. As well as this, itt will make participants aware of creative methods that they may not otherwise have used before, as well as encouraging participants to question and challenge some of their assumptions and biases regarding gender and intimacy. The method sheets provide a lot of practical advice on remaining confident in facilitating workshops described throughout, as well as tips for facilitators in ensuring the content is understood. In addition to this, it also gives in-depth and step by step advice on the technical side of some method sheets. As well as this, the videos provided will help facilitators to see and visualise how best to run these workshops in the space provided. As a professional, you can refer to the method sheets in different settings and apply the techniques proposed with the participants. These method sheets also give a range of alternatives and variations, in order to allow workshops to be more flexible in their delivery.

BLIND DRAWING / Activity suggested by Jouïr

This video explains how to run an ice breaker activity that is designed to stimulate creativity among participants. Participants must draw a piece of art that is being described to them through auditory description alone. This activity encourages improved communication between partners in order to recreate the art piece. It can also naturally bring participants into a state of mind within which they begin to challenge and question their own assumptions on gender roles and gendered language.

HOW TO CREATE A SOUNDMAP ? / Activity suggested by HearSay

This video shows participants the basics of soundmaps and getting used to using sound as a creative medium, particularly when creating soundscapes. Participants are taught how to creatively manipulate sound and it also introduces participants to soundplant, an open-source piece of software that turns your computer keyboard into a playable instrument!

Here you can find the folder with SNAP sounds for download.


This video teaches participants all about collaborative collage! It acts as a combination of previous activities, by utilising the audio created previously by participants, in order to inspire new creations. Collage is a form of art that involved taking images from media sources, whether from newspapers, posters or magazines, and combining them artistically to create something original that is divorced from the meaning and original context from where they came. This activity also introduces the idea of using charts to assess participants’ comfort in doing the activities that take place.


This video teaches participants how to discuss gender roles using visuals tools and aids. It also helps to give participants the language with which to communicate these terms with one another, in a fun and engaging atmosphere. In this activity, participants get the opportunity to interview one another on their chosen images and explain their personal reasoning in choosing the piece, as well as the emotional impact it had on them. While this activity should not be treated as some form of therapy, the goal of the activity is to encourage participants to freely discuss gender roles, as well as questioning their assumptions and biases on gender and gender roles.

THE MANUAL: Using creative techniques to explore intimacy, gender and sexuality through audio art and zines

This handbook is designed to give facilitators the steps to run a variety of artistic and creative workshops that deal with gender and intimacy. Though not required, it works in tandem with the videos found on the SNAP website to help facilitators in the delivery of these activities with participants, whether they are experienced with creating art or have never done so before.