Facilitating radio workshops on the issue of sexual and affective life.

This toolkit consists of video lessons and a manual with method sheets to facilitate radio workshops on the topic of emotional and sexual life with young adults.

Through our activities, we would like to increase young people’s awareness of emotional and sexual life, to make them aware of differences and to make their voices and specificities heard through the radio tool.

Our activities come from a relaxed, inclusive and in-formal educational approach. This toolkit is designed for professionals and volunteers involved with young adults: social workers, journalists, volunteers in radio associations, feminist activists or sex educators. Discover our 4 educational videos with their method sheets, as well as our manual :

Activity suggested by Élan Interculturel

This activity encourages participants to learn more about their own relationship to intimacy: What is intimacy for them? Is it the same for their partners? Step by step, the activity invites participants to express themselves on their relationship to intimacy through the microphone. By listening to other people’s stories, the whole group is made aware of the differences in this area and understands that there are as many people as there are relationships to intimacy. The activity also draws attention to the importance of communication between partners in order to better understand each other and to ensure respect for each other’s limits.

Activity suggested by Wired FM

This activity invites participants to create a radio program based on a meeting with an expert on affective and sexual life matters. Discover our advice and step-by-step instructions to best prepare this interview with the group.

Activity suggested by Jouïr

The activity invites people to tell and act out stories of success in dealing with patriarchy, microphone in hand. Even when a person’s situation has not yet found a solution, telling it is already a victory! The method developed allows people to express themselves and to be listened to, but it also stimulates collective discussions on the issues related to patriarchy.


Dans cette vidéo, nous vous présentons quelques recommandations pour que vos ateliers soient un espace dans lequel les participant·e·s se sentent à l’aise et en sécurité. En effet, des ateliers explorant des sujets comme ceux de l’intimité, de l’amour et de la sexualité peuvent réveiller des zones sensibles et des souvenirs douloureux. Le.a facilitateur.trice n’étant pas un professionnel de santé et n’ayant pas pour mission d’assurer un rôle thérapeutique, il est important d’offrir un cadre adapté aux participant.e.s. Nous vous présentons ici un ensemble de conseils afin que les participant.e.s ressortent des ateliers sans se sentir fragilisé. Si malgré tout, l’atelier venait à réveiller des souvenirs douloureux, nous vous présentons quelques recommandations pour accueillir ces récits dans le groupe.

Facilitating radio workshops on the topic of affective and sexual life.

We invite you to consult this manual to discover the pedagogical activities that will allow you to explore intimacy, love and sexuality through radio practice. Our methodology is inspired by non-formal education and sex education.

Regarding the second field, our methods encourage the participants to have a better knowledge of themselves, of their desires and their limits. Our wish is to promote a positive sexuality and fulfilling interpersonal relationships. Through the radio tools, the young participants can express themselves, better understand themselves and make their challenges and specificities be listened to.

You will find, among other information, the following

• Recommendations to provide a safe environment for everyone
• Icebreakers and energizers to create an intimate and playful atmosphere
• Activities to explore gender identity, sexual orientation, discrimination and the question of pleasure in sexuality and intimacy.

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