Talking intimacy and sexuality on the radio

This guide compiles activities, techniques and tips on how to lead discussions around intimacy, gender and sexuality on the radio. This methodology will be thought out from an intercultural perspective, allowing for adaptation to a diverse audience. It consists of four educational videos accompanied by method sheets:

• Creating a sense of trust and security among participants and facilitators, especially when people do not share the same cultural background
• Facilitating speech related to intimacy, gender and sexuality, through the use of the body, voice and recreation 
• Facilitating discussions around these topics on the radio 
• Creating radio programmes on these topics in an intercultural and inclusive manner. We will explore challenges such as: how to avoid gender binarism, how to use inclusive language, how to express oneself in a culturally-aware way.

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DIY: podcasts that address sexuality and intimacy

This guide compiles activities, techniques and tips on how to lead podcast production workshops around questions of intimacy, gender and sexuality. The activities proposed herein stem from non-formal pedagogy, particularly based on working with voice, storytelling and writing. It consists of four educational videos proposing activities for:

• Teaching participants to organize their ideas and train them to write their podcasts. 
• Working on “stage presence”, voice and recording. 
• Teaching how to speak about one’s own experiences in the area of intimacy, gender and sexuality
• Learning how to interview someone on such topics with an intercultural and inclusive perspective

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Creating art based off of youngsters’ podcasts

This guide compiles activities, techniques and tips on how to facilitate workshops combining podcasts and artistic creation around issues of intimacy, gender and sexuality. Through a series of artistic activities (such as theatre, installation art and sound creation), the facilitator will be able to lead a group of young people to create an artistic work from their own podcasts. This guide consists of 4 educational videos, the presentation of 10 existing projects in the field of artistic creation, as well as step-by-step activity sheets.

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