[3 hours].

Even if awareness of inequality and discrimination is essential, we believe it is also important to convey a positive, joyful and recreational vision of sexuality. Pleasure in particular, often taboo, is a rich subject to explore! By proposing activities that promote a better understanding of oneself, one’s preferences and one’s limits, we hope to encourage the emotional and sexual development of the young participants. In this way, pleasure should no longer be considered as an accessory issue in education on emotional and sexual life, but as an essential element of it, contributing to the emancipation and well-being of individuals.

5 min

Introduce the session and its goals 
Explain that this workshop is focused on the topic of pleasure. It is about taking the time to “dare” to talk about sexuality, “dare” to say words that are sometimes taboo, “dare” to ask questions… Indeed, it is through dialogue, by expressing what one likes or dislikes, what one would like more or less, that people can develop a joyful and pleasure-filled sexuality 

Finally, please note that this workshop is for everyone, regardless of their level of experience and comfort in the sexual sphere.  Indeed, it is not a question of advocating all sexual practices, in any context, but on the contrary, to learn to better know one’s preferences but also one’s limits in the intimate domain. Everyone is welcome!

15 min

Icebreakers: “Showering in triads”
Propose a small massage activity to introduce the topic of relationship to the body. If some people are not comfortable with being touched by others, you can offer a self-massage.

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BREAK [15 min]

The Words of Love 
The aim of this activity is to list the different words used to name sexual activities. The exercise breaks down taboos about sex and intimacy, inviting laughter and sharing a fun time. People are then more comfortable using sexual vocabulary in further activities.

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Sweet Fantasies
This activity aims to talk about an often taboo topic: sexual fantasies. It invites, thanks to anonymity, to create a fictional story and to facilitate conversations around sensuality, pleasure and eroticism. This story can then be recorded on a microphone and listened to together.

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BREAK [10min]

Kaleidoscope portrait
The Kaleidoscope Portrait is a fun activity to facilitate discussions about sexuality and pleasure. It invites people to write a short poem, alone or with others, about their preferences for sex and love, which they can then share over the microphone.

The activity also helps to quickly create an intimate atmosphere for sharing.

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The thermometer
Make a line on the floor (with chalk or repositionable tape). Put a “+” at one end of the line, a “-” at the other. Ask people to stand on this line according to the questions you are going to ask.

For example: 
– I felt comfortable during the activity.
– I discovered things about myself.
– I think I would be less embarrassed to say words about sex life in the intimate sphere.
– I was moved by listening to the different poems today.
– I liked the activity “words of love”.
– I liked the activity “fantasy sketch
– I liked the activity “Kaleidoscope portrait”.

Between each answer, people who wish to do so can express themselves.


The comfort target
Draw a target on a sheet of flipchart paper. It should consist of 4 circles:
– The first circle (the smallest): write on it “comfort zone”.
– The second circle: “a little outside my comfort zone”.
– The third circle: “much outside my comfort zone”.
– The fourth circle: “much too far out of my comfort zone”!

People are then asked to write their name on a Post-it sheet and place it on the target. If they wish, they can comment on their choice.